Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Authors Morgan St. James, Dennis N. Griffin and Eric James Miller have given and conducted many interviews on radio, TV and in print. 

There is a big difference between boring questions with flat answers and those that grab the listener's attention. If you have never given an interview, this show is for you. And, guess what? Even if you have, this show is still for you! 

How do you make your answers interesting? 

What about the way you speak or write? 

                                                                           How much is too little or too much? 

And, if you are the interviewer, how do you develop questions that aren't the run of the mill ones?
Beginning in October, Writers Tricks of the Trade will be adding interview segments, so this is the perfect time to present a show like this. Visit http://writerstricksofthetraderadio.blogspot.com for more information about upcoming interviews.