The Writers Tricks of the Trade Radio Show has a limited number of guest spots for author interviews.

The show is aired on Blog Talk Radio, promoted on social media and listed with a link on the SHOW DIRECTORY page. 

Your interview will be conducted on the telephone from the comfort of your own home. Please use a headset for clarity. Speaker phones produce an echo unacceptable for broadcast.


Do you have a new book to talk about? Is there something you would like to share with listeners about your journey to becoming published? It can be funny, eye-opening or even traumatic. Do you have an idea about something we haven't done yet?


To submit an idea for a show or interview request, please fill out the CONTACT FORM in the SIDEBAR. Under message say, "I'm interested in an interview," and a short description of your book or topic. You will be contacted and asked for your bio and more information about the show you propose. We do not accept erotic novels.


  • If your idea or interview is accepted, you will be asked to provide between 500-700 words about things you would like listeners to know about you, a short synopsis of your book and/or any topics you will be discussing. This will be broken into interview questions targeted to your answers. We DO NOT use "canned" interview questions.
  • A script with the questions and your answers will be sent to you well in advance of your show. The script is a guidelines that you can follow, but feel free to add a few adlibs. However, please don't give non-scripted run-on answers. We have an allotted time (15 to 30 minutes depending upon whether you are the first 15 minutes of one of our standard shows or a stand-alone show) and we have to stay within that time.
  •  You will be given a time and date for recording your show along with a special telephone number for you to call. Please call that number approximately 10 minutes before we go live.
  •  Once the show is scheduled, you will be given a tiny URL to the broadcast page on Blog Talk Radio. This can be used by anyone to preview the listing of the show and there is also a place where a person can request a reminder to be sent. We encourage you to post this on social media.
  •  RELAX. Pretend you're chatting with a fellow author over a cup of coffee. You can read from the script, but do your best to make it sound conversational.
  • You will be provided with a graphic to use for promotion and we will expect you to promote your appearance on social media and via emails to your mailing list. 
  • All shows are archived for listeners to access at their convenience, and are listed on the SHOW DIRECTORY page.
  • You will be able to download an MP3 of the podcast to put on your website or use for promotion.

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